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Are you looking for the perfect AFFORDABLE texting solution with templates already set up for your consultants and customers?  Look no further!
Benefits of using Creatively Pink as your Texting Manager
  • Access to all of our pre-designed and editable templates and campaigns

  • Your contact lists in Project Broadcast will automatically sync from InTouch daily

  • You may create lists and add contacts, no limit

  • You may schedule and send texts/images as you like

  • You may create your own campaigns and keywords

  • No small character limit – 1,024 characters including emojis

  • You may Block/Unblock contacts

  • Unlimited Keyword auto-responders/adds contact to a specified list

  • Repeat Campaign texting (for regular reminders- month end, conference calls)

  • Local Phone Number

  • Do everything from your phone/tablet/computer

  • We send texts for you

  • Notifications come to your Project Broadcast app

  • We also approx. 60 lists (including Spanish) for you that we update 6 times a day. (updates during business hours)

  • Welcome New Consultant Campaign

  • 10 Day Reminder (New Consultant)

  • A3

  • I3

  • T1

  • T6

  • T7

  • Unit Birthday (day of)

  • Customer Birthday Month Promo (on the 1st)

  • Customer Birthday (day of)

  • Consultant Anniversary (day of)

  • Customer Ordered 2+2+2

  • New Customer Number Intro

  • Ordering Reminder ($1-$224)

  • Thank You for Ordering - Unit

  • On Target 600 Achievers (300+)

  • Congrats 600 Achievers ($600+ w/s in)  (day achieved)

  • On Target Star sent quarterly ($800+ w/s in)

  • Congrats to Stars (day achieved)

  • Unit Month End Reminder

Director Texting

Service in addition to your Project Broadcast Account


  • Auto-Magically Exports your Customer and Unit Lists Daily

  • Imports Multiple Lists into project Broadcast daily

  • Campaigns (you personalize/edit to fit your style) sent throughout the month 

We send the following texts to your customers/consultants "from you"
We are utilizing Project Broadcast to provide you just what you need! Reasons we love PB!


Project Broadcast doesn’t make you pay for something that doesn’t cost them anything!  All of their plans include UNLIMITED contacts, keywords, campaigns, and templates.

Not Spammy

With Project Broadcast you get a real phone number. Your messages won’t look like spam to your contacts. It will feel personal because it is personal.

They Listen

They work hard to understand the needs for scalable texting and marketing with a personal touch. Project Broadcast continues to listen to customers requests and suggestions.


They know training is important and want you to learn.  They provide training videos on their YouTube channel, and offer in-depth training in their app.  Additionally, they have several facebook groups to answer questions and share ideas.

Did you know Project Broadcast has a referral program? By entering the Referral Code of one of your friends (or you can use ours creativelypink) you will receive extra perks! 

When you use a referral code, you will receive 50% off your first month of a monthly subscription or 10% off your first year of a yearly subscription at signup. The referee will get a $10.00 account credit as a thank you from Project Broadcast!

Have a current business texting provider?

No worries! Project Broadcast can port your existing business texting number from your current provider! Sign up for your Project Broadcast account and select a “temp” number. Once you have your account created, simply shoot me a message with your name, Project Broadcast number, current provider number and name, and your address.  Then we will work with Project Broadcast to start your port process. 

Note – this process can take up to 2 weeks.

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