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Have you heard about the latest in Unit Communication?  E-mails with VIDEOS embedded right inside!  Send a personal video message to your Unit, Customers or use our videos (many from InTouch and Top Nationals and Sales Directors)


Editable… yet ready to send, trackable video emails (aka V-cards). Too many to list & more are being created for you!!!

Benefits of using Creatively Pink as your Email Provider
  • Access to all of our pre-designed and editable templates and series automations

  • Your contact lists in VipeCloud will automatically sync from InTouch daily

  • You may create lists and add contacts

  • You may schedule and send emails as you like

  • We send texts for you

  • We manage approx. 90 lists (including Spanish) for you that we update 6 times a day. (updates during business hours)

We send the following emails to your customers/consultants "from you"
  • New Month: Important Information {calendar, promotions, etc.}

  • Birthday/Anniversaries

  • A3 Status

  • I3 Status

  • T1 Status

  • T6 Status

  • Final Month - T7 Status

  • New Consultant: Welcome

  • New Consultant Training Series

  • Senior Consultant to Red Training Series

  • Star Team Builder - Congrats

  • Product of the Month email

  • Star Consultant Reminder

  • Preferred Customer

  • New Product Launch - Customer and Unit

  • Month end email with ordering reminders {calendar, promotions,


Director V-Cards

Service includes Your VipeCloud Account


  • Auto-Magically Exports your Customer and Unit Lists Daily

  • Imports Multiple Lists into VipeCloud daily

  • Emails sent throughout the month to Unit Members and Customers

  • Ability to Create and Design your own emails

  • Record and Upload Videos

  • Access to Unit and Customer related content

Please Note: Setting up content, creating or sending emails, and/or managing lists outside of our scope of

pre-determined services are subject to be our availability and will be charged the rate of $18 an hour.

Have a current email support provider?

We understand not wanting to lose the content you have previously created, simply because you are switching services. Reach out to us to discuss migrating your contacts and content!

Prior to setting up our business, we extensively researched Email Marketing companies and determined that VipeCloud would be the best fit for our clients! They LISTEN until they understand their client needs.   The system is user friendly, offering an excellent HTML builder that allows for options for email layouts, pictures, and backgrounds. 

Plus... the app allows you to access content to share on social media, texts, or voxer. Additionally, you can upload your own personal videos, straight into an email to send to the lists of your choice. 

We partnered with VipeCloud to offer you the BEST in Email Communication!
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