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About Us

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Angela Raven has a background in Marketing and Graphic Design.  She was intrigued from a very young age by entrepreneurship; educating and guiding others has always been a passion.

Having an affinity towards technology, a local business asked if she would be able to create a website showcasing their services.  Angela jumped at the opportunity to learn and realized quickly that this would be her life’s work.  It was important to her to allow business owners to focus on building their businesses, while Angela created a brand image and communications system the owners could be proud of.

In 2013, a Mary Kay Director discovered Angela’s skill-set and hired her to work in her office.  Angela’s passion grew as her abilities blessed Director after Director.  It brings Angela great joy to watch Directors and their Unit Members succeed and surpass their goals!

Tiffany Chumley has been a Beauty Consultant since Oct 2009 and was a Sales Director from May 2011-Oct 2018.

Before joining Creatively Pink in Nov 2019, she assisted several directors in her National Area, including her National Sales Director.

Tiffany married her high school sweetheart, Travis in 2000 and they have one son, Logan who is Aspergers (high functioning Autism) and will graduate high school in May 2022. Tiffany's family lives in Oklahoma which you definitely can tell the moment you speak with her LOL.

"I absolutely LOVE to provide support to our Sales Directors and Nationals and LOVE Celebrating y’all’s successes." ~Tiffany Chumley

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